My first visit

Here at Stress-Free Dentistry, we are dedicated to keeping you informed and want you to know what you can expect during your first visit with us.

The first appointment consists of a consultation. We will review your current situation, explain your diagnosis, and cover your treatment options.

For us to be able to give you the best possible care and get you all of your options you will need to:

1. Complete your New Patient Registration prior to your appointment by Clicking Here.

Note: You will need a list of medications , allergies, doctors info, and insurance card / info ready to complete the registration forms.

2. Have X-rays sent to us as applicable to (A scheduling coordinator will call you to discuss the details of your specific situation)

Occasionally treatment can be done the same day as the consultation. However, complex treatment plans or complicated medical histories will require evaluation and a second appointment for treatment. Please let the office know if you have a medical condition that may be a concern prior to surgery (i.e. diabetes, high blood pressure, artificial heart valves or joints, rheumatic fever, or blood disorders).

If you’ve had X-rays taken in the last six months, please have your dentist forward them to us. If there is not enough time to get them to us prior to your appointment, please make arrangements to pick them up and bring them with you to the appointment.

A parent or guardian must accompany all patients under the age of 18.

If you have any questions about what to expect on your first visit, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (678) 337-8888.

Financing & insurance

Here at Stress-Free Dentistry, we are committed to giving you extraordinary care at an excellent price.

  • For your convenience we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX. As a courtesy to our patients who have dental insurance, we will complete and submit your claim to your insurance carrier for you.
  • We will make every effort to estimate your costs before your visit so that you can be prepared. Payment is due at the time service is rendered.
  • Most insurance companies respond within four to six weeks, and you will receive a monthly statement.
  • You are responsible for all fees not covered by insurance. If additional tests are needed such as lab work or a biopsy, you will be billed directly by those providers and will be responsible for submitting payment directly to them. Your prompt payment is appreciated.
  • We also offer third party payment plans. We offer 12 months interest free payments, through care credit is 0 interest for 6 months on treatments over $500. You can apply today on their website today. Our in office plan allows you to pay for treatments over 90 days interest free and can be used for things like crowns, bridges, implants and dentures. Orthodontics payments can be spread over the life of the treatment usually between 1 year to eighteen months
  • If you have any questions about billing or your account don’t hesitate to contact us today at (678) 337-8888.

You can also manage your own account and make secure payments online through our Patient Portal.

Dental Savings plan

  • 2x Exams
  • 2x Cleanings
  • 1x Emergency Exam
  • 2x Fluoride Treatments
  • 2x Periodontal Screenings
  • 1x Routine X-Rays
  • 1x 30% OFF All Procedures
  • 1x 15% OFF Ortho, Aligners, Guards, Retainers
  • More additional benefits
  • As Low As $350.00 per year

Perio Savings plan

  • 4x Perio Maintenance
  • 2x Periodic Exams
  • 1x Emergency Exam
  • 2x Fluoride Treatments
  • 2x Oral Cancer Screenings
  • 2x Periodontal Screenings
  • 1x Routine X-Ray
  • 1x 35% OFF SRP
  • More additional benefits
  • As Low As $525.00 per year