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I’m Dr. Wilson and I’d like to personally invite you to explore what makes our practice unique and special.

About Us

We understand that you need to take care of your teeth to have a healthy and happy life. We also understand that sometimes the thought of dentistry may cause some trepidation. For this reason Dr. Wilson and our entire team has put in extensive effort to make your dental visits Stress-free.

Most dental anxiety comes from one of the following four sources. So we have come up with methods to minimize these and alleviate future fear. Coming to the dentist will be enjoyable once we understand and help you work through any fears you may have.


We understand that the fear of unknown or exorbitant costs may unnecessarily keep some people away from the dentistry they need. We have come up with the following ways to alleviate this source of fear.

  1. We are in network with most insurance plans and offer an in office discount plan to help those without insurance so you can rest assured that you are getting a great price for the services you receive.
  2. We offer transparent treatment planning where all of the prices are listed prior to the beginning of treatment.
  3. We estimate your insurance benefits for you to try to get you the most accurate pricing possible. (Of course since your insurer is a third party they have the final decision in what they pay but we will always give you an initial estimate. Additionally if you would like we can send pre authorizations to your insurer as a courtesy to get an even more accurate picture.)
  4. We allow you to make payments. We offer both third party and in office financing to help meet your needs.
  5. We have trained our staff not be pushy or judgmental. We want you to know, that our goal is to give you the best possible care at an excellent price.
  6. We guarantee our work so you don’t have to worry about fees if there are routine follow ups or adjustments needed.

Fear of the Unknown

We understand that you are not a dental expert and it is easy to get lost in the details of treatment and get anxious about the “what if scenarios”. To help you through this:

  1. We are partners with you in helping you achieve your optimum dental health. We do not just call out a bunch of procedures and hand you a bill at the end. We listen to your concerns, and try to come up with a plan that best suits you. We will always tell you what we would want for ourselves in your situation but give you options and let you decide what is best for yourself.
  2. We earn your trust by being honest and straight forward.
  3. We explain everything thoroughly. Dr. Wilson was previously a high school teacher and tutor throughout college and is very good at showing you with models or pictures to help you understand you options.

Fear of Pain

No one likes pain and so we have many ways to help you.

  1. We offer oral conscious sedation at no extra charge.
  2. We offer Laughing Gas (nitrous oxide)
  3. We take our time and can take as many breaks as you need to keep you comfortable
  4. We offer many amenities and free personalized entertainment with headphones and a TV to keep your mind off treatment

Bad Childhood experiences

Dentistry has come a long way in the last 30 years but there are still many people who avoid coming to the dentist due to significant anxiety from past experiences at another office. We can’t take away the previous experience but we can help you work through it and leave it in the past by facing your fear. The best way to do this is to face your feat in small increments to help reprogram your response.

  1. We take it slow and help you get comfortable. We can adjust your appointments to fit your needs. For example, we can have you come in prior to your first cleaning at no charge and just tour the office and get to know us. The more you know and trust us, and feel comfortable in the environment of our office, your body will calm itself naturally!
  2. For our exceptionally anxious patients we do offer anti-anxiety medication you pick up at your pharmacy by prescription, and take an hour prior to any appointments if needed.
  3. We have many years of experience, and have countless success stories of patients we have worked with who could not tolerate going to the dentist prior to coming to Stress-Free Dentistry. We’re happy to report they are currently on track with regular visits!

Meet the doctor

Dr. Stephen Wilson

Dr. Stephen Wilson is a dentist committed to staying on the cutting edge of dentistry. To exemplify this, in the past two years he has completed four times the number of continuing education credits that Georgia normally requires. He has gone above and beyond the average general dentist taking extensive extra course work in Implantology and Orthodontics. Dr. Wilson is also highly skilled in many other disciplines of dentistry including cosmetic, white fillings, crown and bridge, root canal therapy, and oral surgery.

He received his BA from University California Riverside in 1999. Dr. Wilson has been practicing dentistry since he completed his Doctorate in Dental Medicine from Boston University in 2004. He completed a one-year residency in Advanced General Dentistry at the Naval Hospital Great Lakes, IL.

Dr. Wilson is committed to being involved and improving his community. He serves one weekend a month as a Commander in the United States Naval Reserves. Additionally, he coaches youth soccer, and is an active participant in his local church.

He has been married to his high school sweetheart for 18 years, and together they have four wonderful children. He enjoys hiking, photography, playing tennis and soccer. He is a man of integrity and is committed to serving each of his patients individually.

“I chose a career in dentistry primarily because of my desire to live life doing what I love: helping people. I always excelled at science, art and sculpture and wanted to use those talents to bless others’ lives. I believe that people can and should strive to achieve their best self. If I can help them do it, that is the most rewarding achievement.”

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